Hitler’s home set to become ‘House of Responsibility’ museum dedicated to his crimes

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Austria authorities have decided to turn Adolf Hitler’s home, located in the upper-Austrian town of Braunau am Inn, into a museum called as “House of Responsibility”, which would be dedicated to his crimes against humanity committed during the Third Reich.

The two-storey “Hitler house” is in the centre of Braunau am Inn on Austria’s border with Germany. It has been empty for the past two years, but politicians have argued bitterly about its fate for decades. Critics insisted that demolition was the only way of dispelling the stigma attached to the building, the Independent reported.

However, Braunau’s influential town association was now due to approve an ambitious scheme to turn the empty ochre-coloured house into a centre dedicated to the memory of Nazi crimes. The project was also expected to receive financial backing from Hollywood.

Andreas Maislinger, the Austrian historian behind the “House of Responsibility” project said he have been told by leading Braunau town association members that they would back the scheme.

Austria’s Interior Ministry has been expected to give its final approval for the project later in 2014. The project has also been backed by Branko Lustig, the Hollywood producer of Steven Spielberg’s award-winning Holocaust film Schindler’s List. Mr Lustig was also have said to agreed to raise money for the scheme.


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